Our organization of the KKB in Hoorn is based on a foundation and is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce. The working areas of the KKB Hoorn are the municipalities of Hoorn and the surrounding area. The supply has been made by attention via Facebook, the website https://kinderkledingbankhoorn.nl and by begging questions.

The board

The board is responsible for the organization of the KKB Hoorn and manages it. The duties of directors are divided as follows;

Chairman : leads the board meetings, is the external spokesperson and maintains press contacts.

Secretary : is the central correspondence address, takes minutes of board meetings and takes care of the annual report.

Treasurer : KKB Hoorn finances management, such as financial administration, provides quarterly and annual figures and the annual budget. Makes investment proposals. Also replacement chairman.

Board member 1 : volunteer policy; Sponsorship: material management (Menno Hofmeijer)
Board member 2 : all occurring activities (vacant)

Vision on volunteering in the KKB Hoorn

The KKB Hoorn aims to provide acquired clothing to the poorest children in Hoorn e.o and only do so with volunteers.
To achieve this, intensive use is made of volunteers. All help is therefore welcome!
There is a clear demarcation of tasks between volunteers and the administration that is known to everyone and is evaluated annually.
To make it possible to work with volunteers, the board ensures a clear volunteer policy for everyone,
in which, in addition to the through and outflow of volunteers, attention is also paid to the training and supervision of volunteers.
Within the (financial) possibilities of the budget, the board will value volunteers in the form of fun activities and reimbursement of expenses for costs incurred.
Because volunteers are primarily motivated by meaningful tasks, the KKB board will take their wishes into account.
Volunteers can sign up for new or different tasks and have an influence on implementation through work meetings.
Volunteers' own ideas are valued by the board by striving to realize those ideas.

Recruiting volunteers

The (potential) volunteer has become more critical and empowered and based on his / her choice of a number of personal motives and considerations.
The options for spending leisure time have never been greater.
Does volunteer work in the KKB Hoorn want to be competitive in relation to other forms of leisure activities,
then a lot of attention must be paid to the individual wishes and needs of the volunteers,
to recruit new volunteers and to retain existing volunteers and their knowledge and experience.

At the KKB Hoorn the volunteers do:

Helping customers, providing clothing and assisting with hand and stress services at outings and parties, including Santa Claus & Christmas.

Focus areas recruitment and selection.

The following areas of interest are important in recruitment and selection.

What do we have to offer;

  1. Meaningful work from a professionally organized volunteer organization
  2. The ability to achieve personal goals
  3. Be useful
  4. Gain experience
  5. Gain experience
  6. Want to increase the chance of paid work
  7. Social contacts
  8. Personal development through good guidance & good facilities.

What do we expect from volunteers.

General demands:

In total, at least dozens of volunteers are needed.
For recruitment, it is important that people have an affinity with the KKB Hoorn. The volunteer should especially like to perform his / her task.
With regard to the tasks to be performed, the wishes and limitations of the volunteer are taken into account as much as possible.

How do we select:

The selection criteria are of course related to the work that will be performed by the volunteer.
The selection method consists of a selection interview between the coordinator and the volunteer axis.
How does the introduction take place: The volunteers mainly work in the KKB Hoorn building.
The introduction can therefore be of a limited size. The volunteer must become acquainted with the organization and the relevant task area.
In addition, the introduction to fellow volunteers, because it is always fun!


The objective is to increase brand awareness.
The means of publicity with regard to recruiting volunteers is very diverse: press releases, information meetings, internet, radio, personal approach and word of mouth.

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