Within the organization of the KKB Hoorn only volunteers are used.
Only the actual costs incurred in the exercise of the volunteer activities are included
eligible for a contribution towards the costs based on a claim according to a fixed model form.
Our volunteers come into contact with clients and become acquainted with or work with our client system, so awareness of secrecy is of great importance. To this end, a code of conduct is developed, explained and issued when entering into a volunteer agreement.

Internships, social internships and training company.

Our policy is aimed at having as many internships as possible filled in and also making room for social internships as part of their school career. .). By being recognized as an accredited training company through the Vocational Education and Training Foundation, (V) MBO students can perform an internship with us.

Intake and performance interviews.

Vacancies at the KKB Hoorn are listed by the coordinator. The intake interviews are held by the coordinator, if possible together with the board member volunteers. Candidates who are supplied for the execution of community service orders and those who are in custody, but who are (or have to) follow a reintegration process, we pursue a cautious policy due to the lack of permanent supervision. If a candidate is found to be suitable, agreements are made about the training and the duration thereof. Performance interviews are held with the volunteers, including the members of the Core Group, once a year. Volunteers who have an irreconcilable dispute with the coordinator can turn to the board, which investigates the conflict. This option is included in the volunteer contracts. A volunteer agreement is entered into for at least one half-day of work per week with a maximum of five half-days. Contracts and / or changes are made by the board, with the coordinator playing an advisory role. If there is a difference of opinion on the part of the board, where votes for and against are equal, the coordinator's vote will prevail.

Complaints procedure for volunteers and clients and confidant

The KKB Hoorn applies a complaints procedure for its volunteers and also for clients and suppliers, including sponsors. There will be a complaints and ideas box in the space for clients and in the space of our business premises. Complaints and ideas can also be made known to the board personally or by means of, for example, e-mail. Complaints that become known to others than the board must immediately be reported to a board member. The volunteer policy board member is also the confidant for the group of voluntary employees of the KKB Hoorn. The board undertakes to investigate all complaints and to inform the complainant of this in writing within six weeks of the complaint becoming known. The same rule applies to submitting ideas and suggestions.

Rights and obligations

We want to be a transparent organization in which everyone who works within the KKB Hoorn is respected. The rules laid down in processes and instructions and also verbal agreements are observed. If this is consciously deviated from, a coordinating interview will be held by the coordinator and in more serious cases by a board representative, which will be recorded in writing.


The foundation has taken out insurance for the volunteer through the municipality of Hoorn.

Code of Conduct

  1. Central is respectful interaction, both between volunteers and between volunteers and clients.
  2. When dealing with clients, there can of course be normal social contact. Internal KKB Hoorn - matters are not discussed with clients.
  3. The privacy of volunteers and participants in the KKB Hoorn and the confidentiality of their personal data is respected at all times, unless the person in question has indicated that they may deviate from this.

Become a volunteer?

We work with volunteers, here the link to agreement with rights and obligations of the cooperation
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Volunteer agreement